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I seem to have lost my tolerance for alcohol, which has lead to a very enjoyable weekend. A few days ago was the last St. Jerome's on a Thursday ever again, so when the night was over I saw it fit to smash a whole lot of bottles, throw/kick crates around and get into 'play' fights (both verbal and physical) with both friends and strangers. Friday night was Bridget's birthday celebration at Fashion which was fun, we were served some Jager bombs which were a lot more Jager than they were bomb. Again, I felt it necessary to scream instead of talk which has contributed to the Lindsay Lohan-esque, 50-year-old-female-pack-a-day-smoker- voice I have today. This morning was just your average 6.30am arrival home. Enjoyable day consisting of sleep, lounging in sun, iced coffee, cigs and party pies with Steph and Maddie. If I could be a student with a Thursday - Monday weekend for the rest of my life, I would be.


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